gluténmentes tészták

Gluténmentes tészták

PASTA NATURA proposes a line dedicated to the celiac nutrition, it is reimbursable thanks to the contribution of the Italian National Health
gluténmentes bio tészták

BIO Gluténmentes tészták

PASTA NATURA, within our agricultural holding our naturally gluten-free pasta is produced following a skilful artisanal production process
gluténmentes gourmet tészták

Gluténmentes gourmet tészták

PASTA NATURA proposes gourmet recipes and pasta made out of special flours obtained from products typical of our Piedmont territory so to savour our excellences

Gluténmentes tészták

Naturally gluten free, our farm-to-table organic flours are skilfully processed and transformed into pasta. The production process is as traditional as possible: our pasta is slowly dried and bronze drawn. Pasta does not deserve the name of pasta if it overcooks or if it is not rough enough for the sauce.

Pasta Natura Gluténmentes

Kukorica és rizs tészta

Corn and rice pasta naturally gluten free for a healthy and good nutrition. Ideal to diets low in sodium. Balanced proteins intake.

Pasta Natura Gluténmentes

Barnarizs tészta

Gluten-free PASTA NATURA whole rice pasta, rich in fibres, vitamins and mineral salts. Create your favourite recipes with a good and healthy product.

Pasta Natura Gluténmentes

Hajdina tészta

PASTA NATURA buckwheat pasta for a healthy diet. Gluten free and without ingredients of animal origin, a healthy and tasty first course.

Pasta Natura Gluténmentes

Teff tészta

PASTA NATURA’s GLUTEN-FREE teff pasta has a low glycaemic index but has many fibres and vitamins. A good resource for people who want to eat healthy food.

Pasta Natura Gluténmentes

Amaránt, teff és quinoa tészta

Teff, amaranth and quinoa pasta, naturally gluten free, rich in vegetable proteins, fibres and essential amino acids. Good, nourishing and healthy pasta.

Pasta Natura Gluténmentes

Zab tészta

Naturally gluten free oat pasta, rich in proteins, fibres and mineral salt for a healthy and strengthening nutrition. For anybody looking for good tasting meals.

Pasta Natura Gluténmentes

Csicseriborsó, kukorica és rizs tészta

GLUTEN-FREE chickpeas corn and rice pasta without ingredients of animal origin. For a good diet, rich in fibres and proteins without fats and cholesterol.

Pasta Natura Gluténmentes

Csicseriborsó tészta

Gluten-free chickpeas pasta offers the good of proteins without cholesterol, with a low glycaemic index. Healthy energy, ideal for you and your body.

Pasta Natura Gluténmentes

Vöröslencse tészta

PASTA NATURA red lentils pasta, colourful, natural, healthy and tasty. It makes every recipe unique. With no gluten it adapts to every diet.

Pasta Natura Gluténmentes

Zöldborsó tészta

PASTA NATURA peas pasta naturally gluten free. A concentrate of proteins, fibres, vitamins and antioxidants with full and tasty flavour.

Pasta Natura Gluténmentes

Többzöldséges tészta

Multilegumes pasta, a vegetable protein source, naturally gluten free. Pasta that is good for health, gives energy and protects your body.

Pasta Natura Gluténmentes

BIO Spirulinás tészta

Pasta biologica con spirulina naturalmente senza glutine per una alimentazione proteica, sana e buona. Ideale per diete vegane. Apporto di proteine e vitamine bilanciato.

Gourmet tészták

Pasta Natura Gluténmentes

Szarvasgombás tészta

PASTA NATURA Truffle pasta gluten free and with no ingredients of animal origin. Your delicious choice for a healthy nutrition.

Pasta Natura Gluténmentes

Bambuszos tészta

Bamboo pasta is naturally gluten free, with a delicate flavour and numerous benefits. Try its antibacterial, antioxidant and demineralising qualities.

gluténmentes bio és natúr tészták

a Pasta Natura termékcsalád bio termékei *ellenőrzött ökológiai mezőgazdaságból származnak

* ellenőrzi: Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft. HU-ÖKO-01


felhasznált alapanyagok



Teff is a cereal with antioxidant properties, it is perfect to control hunger. Its high nutritional intake is ideal for the nutrition of athletes and diabetics



Amaranth is a pseudo cereal is easy to digest, it helps to increase our natural defenses and to solve intestinal problems. It is suitable to feed young children and elderly.



This cereal has antistress properties, it is an excellent tonic and it is known as the good humor cereal. It gives benefits for cardiovascular health and skin and hair beauty.



Quinoa is an herbaceous plant that improves the metabolic health. It’s a very nutritious and energetic food with low glycemic index, recommended for people on a diet.



Mais is a low-calorie cereal but very satiating, it’s suitable fot people on a diet. It has antioxidant properties, it’s good for heart, blood pressure and it fights osteoporosis.



Amaranth is a pseudo cereal is easy to digest, it helps to increase our natural defenses and to solve intestinal problems. It is suitable to feed young children and elderly.



Buckwheat is a cereal that give wellness to all body. It has antiplatelet, antithrombotic, antioxidant properties. It contributes to destroy high cholesterol.



Oat is a very nutritious cereal, suitable to fight weakness and physical exhaustion. It's easy to digest and it's perfect for the nutrition of people with metabolic diseases.



Peas are a legume with a high energetic value but with a low glycemic index. It's perfect for people following a low-calorie diet. It has a antioxidant properties and contributes to the body wellness.



Chickpeas are a legume that gives wellness to the heart. It can contrast high blood pressure and muscle tiredness and reinforce brain and bones. It is perfect for people on a diet and for people with a diabetic disease.

vörös lencse

Vörös lencse

Red lentils are a legume rich in antioxidants, perfect to balance the cholesterol level and to prevent cardiovascular problems. It helps to keep the immune system efficient

bambusz rost

Bambusz rost

Bamboo fiber flour slows down the absorption of carbohydrates. It's perfect for a diet low on calories. It helps to control the blood pressure.


különböző formákat kínálunk, hogy megtaláld a megfelelőt kedvenc receptedhez



PASTA NATURA introduces the artisanal short pasta shape Conchigliette, with a curved shape that perfectly collects the condiment and holds it. When it meets your palate, you get a taste explosion.



PASTA NATURA introduces the artisanal short pasta shape Ditalini. This shape takes its name from the thimble used by our moms while sewing. It immediately brings back to the rustic and genuine flavour of the good traditional cuisine.

gnocco sardo

Gnocco Sardo

PASTA NATURA introduces the artisanal short pasta Gnocco Sardo, to exalt the wise regional tradition. The narrow and tight shell shape allows to retain the sauce and to give an excellent consistency to every dish.



PASTA NATURA introduces the artisanal short pasta shape Casarecce, with a curved shape that resembles an ancient scroll it seems to keep a precious secret, revealed only when tasted. The sauce clings perfectly to the pasta and is protected until it reaches your mouth.



PASTA NATURA introduces the artisanal short pasta shape Penne, the most traditional for meals in good company. Firm to the bite, the hollow shape allows the sauce to wrap every single penna completely.



PASTA NATURA introduces the artisanal short pasta shape Maccheroni. This shape became synonym for pasta in the entire world. Its big diameter makes it possible to create majestic and important dishes, with a delicious look and a full flavour.



PASTA NATURA introduces the artisanal short pasta shape Fusilli, with a helical shape that was traditionally obtained with a knitting needle. Thanks to this characteristic shape this pasta seems to dance with the sauce and to embrace it with love.



PASTA NATURA introduces the short pasta shape with a playful and jovial look. Intrigue your guests by serving some delicious margherite, the ideal pasta to embrace creamy condiments.



PASTA NATURA introduces the artisanal small pasta shape Stelline, the perfect shape for your dreams. Galaxies of stars will invade your table, ready to be savoured with pleasure by children and grown-ups. Your soup will taste great.

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